Contest Results 2017-2018

Learning and practicing analytical reasoning skills goes a long way towards the success in math contests. Even more importantly, when people do what they love, they usually do it quite well. And so, our students are very good when it comes to math competitions.

In 2017-2018, our teams finished among the best in Illinois, Midwest Region, and Nationally in a number of contests. Two of our students were Math Kangaroo National Champions; two students were CML National Champions; three students were Math League National Champions; one student earned the George Lenchner Medal, six students earned Gold Pin and twenty four students earned Silver Pin in MOEMS contest; many made various Honor Rolls and earned other individual awards.

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Math is Fun!

Adventures with Mr. Math is a non-for-profit after-school math program based on the premise that all kids have a talent for math, but that talent is often lost in the minutia of mathematical techniques. We help kids to discover that math is an exciting adventure!

Those who watched “The Pirates of Caribbean” may remember Captain Jack telling Elizabeth when they are stuck on an uninhabited island: “a keel and a hull and a deck and sails, that’s what a ship needs but what a ship is… what the Black Pearl really is… is freedom.” This is the way I see math: “arithmetics and algebra and calculus, those are tools a mathematician needs… but what math really is… is freedom.”

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Penultimate CML Meet

Eight students earn perfect scores; second grade team leads in the Midwest Region!

In February, our teams competed in the penultimate meet of the CML contest. Here are the results by team:

  • Grade 2: After stellar 35 out of 36 points in the first round, the team added 34 points in the second round to place 1st in Illinois and the Midwest Region, 2 points clear of the competition, and 6th nationally!!!
  • Grade 3: The team followed the 33-pt performance in the first round with another 33-pt score. The team is in the 3rd place in Illinois and 5th place in the Midwest Region, just a few points behind the leaders.
  • Grade 3*: Four students from our program compete in CML for their school and helped their team to reach the 2nd place in Illinois! Congratulations to those kids for their contributions to the school team!
  • Grade 4: The team scored 28 points in the fourth round for a total of 123 points. With one round to go, the team is in the 2nd place in Illinois, 3rd place in the Midwest Region, and 16th place nationally.

Individually, Aisha R, Nick P, Ansh S, Craig L, John G, Charlotte O, Maryam M, and Anthony Q earned perfect scores and led their teams! For Aisha R and Nick P this is the second perfect score in a row, which places them among just 6 second graders in the Midwest Region and 44 nationally to accomplish this feat!!!

Overall, 21 out of 45 students had a perfect score in at least one round. Most importantly, 37 out of 45 students have made contributions to the team score. That is a true team spirit!!!

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MOEMS-E Meet 4

12 students earn perfect scores; 16 students get 4 out of 5 in the penultimate MOEMS-E meet!

In February, our four teams competed in the penultimate meet of the MOEMS Division E contest. As a reminder, this year we fielded four teams, one for each class. Each team has 11 or 12 students. Since MOEMS team score is the sum of top ten student scores, this gives each student an opportunity to contribute to the team score.

Below are our team scores (along with the total for both meets in parenthesis):

  • Level 2: 29 points (114)
  • Level 3B: 36 points (142)
  • Level 3A: 41 points (150)
  • Level 4: 43 points (175)

Our students beat the national average by more than a full point! Here are the averages by grade on our team compared with the national averages (the difference is shown in parenthesis):

  • Grade 3: 2.9 vs 1.1 (+1.8)
  • Grade 4: 3.0 vs 1.8 (+1.2)
  • Grade 5: 3.8 vs 2.4 (+1.4)
  • Grade 6: 4.0 vs 2.5 (+1.5)

Congratulations to Nathan L, Richard C, James P, Julia K, Ruby A, Nate M, David C, Maaz F, Akshay N, Rachelle Q, Renee Q, and Amelia T who earned perfect scores. Overall, 30 of our 56 students had at least one perfect score this year, including 15 students with multiple perfect scores.


MOEMS-M Meet 4

Students perform great in the hardest meet of the year!

In February, our teams competed in the penultimate meet of the MOEMS Division M contest. This meet was by far the hardest of the year, with average score nationally at just 1.3 out of 5 points. Whopping 65% of students scored 0 or 1 and only 7.5% of students scored 4+. Students on our teams averaged 3.0, which is 1.7 points above the national average! Every student scored 2 or better, and 22.7% of students scored 4+.

Our two teams scored 31 points each and now have a total of 155 and 142 points respectively. Both teams are poised to exceed the Highest Team Achievement Award threshold.

Congratulations to Renee Q, Anjali J, Nate M, Rachelle Q, and Arjun S, who earned 4 out of 5 in this super-difficult test!